Hydroseeding in Orange County NY

What is Hydroseeding?

We evenly spray a slurry of grass seed, fertilizer, tackifier and hydromulch onto your prepared soil. Once your lawn has been hydroseeded, the grass seed and fertilizer are protected by a green layer of hydromulch that seals in moisture and helps prevents rain from eroding the soil and washing away the seeds even on steep banks. Hydroseeding provides the ideal environment for germination. Because the seed was soaked with water in the mix, much faster germination will occur. Hydroseeding allows you to have a lush, emerald green lawn in as little as a few weeks depending on the time of the year. Hydroseed is grown in place to your soil conditions there is never a problem with it not "taking" which can be a problem with sod.

Hydroseeding Advantages

Hydroseeding typically costs less than 1/5 the price of sod. Sod can be expensive, especially when labor is factored in. Hydroseeding requires less installation time, usually an hour or two depending on size of job and less material, which means you can have a healthy lawn for a fraction of the cost. Hydroseeding costs a little more than conventional broadcast or drill seeding. But one needs to remember that hydroseeding includes mulch to protect the seed, fertilizer, and tackifying agents to reduce the likelihood of erosion. Conventional seeding often requires several sowings before a lawn is successfully established.


Hydroseeding results in much healthier grass because the root system develops in the soil from seed. Sod has to be
transplanted and can experience shock in foreign soil. Additionally, site-specific seed can be used in the mix, including native grasses, full sun mixes, sun and shade mixes, dense shade mixes or any custom mix you desire. This means you get a “custom lawn” instead of whatever the sod farm happens to be growing in a given year. Hydroseeding provides a specially formulated growing medium resulting in fast germinating, healthy grass. And it is because of this same growing medium that hydroseeded grass has a significantly higher germination rate than grass seeded by traditional methods.